Mail Sorting Instructions for Outlook Express
(If you use a different email program, simply consult the program's Help file for instructions.)

NOTE: For the quickest setup, you only need to read the text that is bold.

Step 1.) Adding a new folder. You can add new folders to contain different emails. You may find this process to be helpful with other emails besides the Rotary list.

Simply Right-Click on the folder you want to contain the Sub-Folder, in this case "Local Folders". (You may nest folders within folders if you wish by right clicking on a different sub-folder, but in this example we will put our new folders with the rest of the standard folders such as Inbox, Outbox, etc.) From the menu, choose "New Folder..." as shown here:

In the resulting box, type the name for your new folder. Here we'll call it "Sunrise List". Next click the OK button.

Step 2.) Adding a message rule. From the menu at the top of the program, choose Tools > Message Rules > Mail...

In the resulting box, click the New... button.

Next select the appropriate Conditions and Actions as shown. We want the program to identify all messages that are heading to "" and place them in our "Sunrise List" folder. So under conditions choose "Where the To or CC line contains people" and under Actions select "Move it to the specified folder".

Then in the Rule Description window, click "contains people".

Now type "" as shown, and then click the Add button.

Your screen should look like this. If you wanted to include another address to sort into the same folder, you could type it and add it as well. Click the OK button.

Next click on "specified" as shown.

Click on the appropriate folder (Sunrise List) to make sure it is selected, then click the OK button.

Look over the information to be sure is is correct, then click the OK button as shown.

Your window should look something like this, except that you may only have New mail Rule #1 in your list. As you can see, I use this technique quite a lot. Helps keep me sane! ;-) Click OK and you are done.

If you need any assistance with this, just give me a call during normal business hours at 492-6044 and I'll help walk you through it. However, if you use a different program, the only help I'm likely to provide is to get you to read your program's help file. Still, I may be able to identify the correct steps if you have any trouble.

Again, this is a great way to control your mail, and you might consider it for other purposes.

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